Incredible Fish Portraits by Visarute Angkatavanich

Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich captures the absolutely magnificent Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens) in a eye-catching approach. Against stark contrasts of white and black backgrounds, the photographer creates brilliant photos of these creatures using crystalline aquariums, powerful lenses and great lighting.

The art of ornamental fish breeding in the Far East is part of an age old tradition. The simple carp became the colorful Koi. A series of close up portraits of the Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as betta, are a popular domesticated species that is native to the Mekong basin of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

For this incredible series on fish, Angkatavanich was inspired by the memories of a pet fish he had as a child. The animals seem to perform a quiet, slow dance and delight in their own elegance. These ornamental fish are there for us to admire and delight in their extraordinary beauty. The series has been so successful on the internet that its photos have been included as wallpapers in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models.

Shot against high contrast backgrounds, Angkatavanich’s photographs highlight the species’ vibrant colors, flowing fins, and sweeping tails. If you’re in Singapore, you can see the Betta Paradiso series for yourself at the temporary exhibition, Beauty of Betta, until September 23, 2018. You can also purchase the full series as a book via the Pixniq website.