Speculations by the artist Sarah Meyohas

It is really a fascinating experience to take a look in a mirror if you have a mirror right behind you. This phenomenon tricks your mind into believing its gazing into the infinite. The artist Sarah Meyohas works with this effect in her series “Speculations”. Her infinite tunnels were created with facing mirrors set against pastel backdrops.

The New York-based artist has long been turning heads. Her sculptures are made by placing two mirrors opposing one another, facing inwards. She then further decorates them with different things – from rose petals and branches of yellow blossom, to a haze of blue smoke and a pair of hands – so that they seem to be reflected thousandfold. By doing this, an strangely hypnotic image of nature duplicated ad infinitum is manufactured, continuing to the point where it has become abstracted into darkness. This makes it hard to make out a beginning and an end, and the viewer quickly loses him- or herself in the captivating composition.

Meyohas is a classic career changer: She has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Finance, yet she’s turned to the arts. In addition, in 2015 she founded the MEYOHAS Gallery, with which she represents colleagues. On Instagram you get to see her latest work.

Sarah Meyohas: Website | Instagram