Under Black Light by John Poppleton

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, John Poppleton is a painter and mixed media artist. Bodyscapes is his body art series that uses fluorescent pigment to paint landscapes on female models. He then photographs the models under UV light for the final fluorescent effect.

John Poppleton discovered his love of photography in high school. But until he could turn his hobby into a profession, some time should pass. Once when he could not sleep in a hotel one night, he came up with an idea that would revolutionize his career as a professional photographer.

From then on, black light has taken a firm place in his imaginative shots. He created these wonderful “landscape / nude shots” using UV-fluorescent paint. The human body becomes a canvas for detailed panoramic pictures. Sunsets, Northern Lights and even the African Savannah are beautifully painted and shot by the talented artist.

“I’ve always been in awe and wonder of the beauty found in nature. Inspired by the colors and textures found in sunsets. The excitement and anticipation of the next lightning strike with its thunderous heart pounding report. Majestic waterfalls to sublime mountain skylines with their reflections in the still lakes found beneath them. From the eerie allurement of the Northern Lights to the cosmic artistry seen throughout the universe,” writes Poppleton.

Featuring spectacular phenomena such as oceans during sunset, mountain ranges under moonlight, shimmering auroras, and even cosmic scenes of stars and galaxies, the body paintings are all stunning to behold.