Artist Kim KototamaLune Creates Ethereal Glass Sculptures

France-based glass artist Kim KototamaLune has a really unique style when it comes to making glass sculptures. She creates ethereal sculptures that resemble abstracted organic shapes and faces.

Born in Vietnam but living in Paris, Kim KototamaLune studied the techniques of textile craftsmanship before devoting herself entirely to glass. Cultural identity, the origins of life, and in-between spaces play into her inspirations. KototamaLune, who is fluent in several languages, says that cultural identity, the origins of life, and in-between spaces are the things that inspire her the most for these sculptures.

KototamaLune seeks to create an “uncharted territory in order to engage in a silent dialogue with the ‘strangers’ living in us. Those sculptures arise from the will to recover within each of us what is common in our fetal origins.”

Kim KototamaLune: Website | Instagram