Futuristic Neon Street Photos of Steve Roe

This photography series by Steve Roe takes us on a psychedelic nighttime tour of Seoul, South Korea. His work is bursting with neon lights and fantastic fractal effects.

Steve Roe, a talented photographer, digital artist and urban explorer is currently based in the capital of South Korea. Roe mainly focuses on street photography. He explores the streets of Seoul to capture fantastic urban landscapes with crazy neon colors and tones.

To get the very specific look of the amazing images he used fractal lenses. These lenses are adjustable prism filters that pick up images from outside the camera’s normal field of view, allowing for in-camera layering effects.

On his website Steve Roe states: “Using the fractals added a whole new dynamic to my shoots. I was able to add neon signs that were behind me in to the shot in front of me. My favourite prism was the thicker one, that’s the one that bounced around images and lights from behind you. Also the one with a clear centre and the distorted edges was quite cool too, with that one I could create crazy dreamscapes with the subject of the photo in focus. The other one is like an extreme fractal effect and I wasn’t able to really get anything with my style on my first shoot out, but I’m sure I could find some use for it in the future. I would definitely like to use these for portraiture and I’m excited to see how they can take my work to the next level. The quality of the glass was also fantastic and I do highly recommend them, very fun to use and you’re sure to get some decent results.”

Want to recreate this holographic look? Check out these Fractal filters. That’s the tool Roe used to get this psychedelic look.

Steve Roe: Website | Instagram