The Moody Metropolis Chicago by Photographer Michael T. Meyers

As lively as a city is by day, it can be so quiet at night. Photographer Michael T. Meyers wanders the roads of his hometown of Chicago looking for corners that look particularly picturesque.

Adequately capturing the cold and bitter atmosphere of Chicago, Meyers has been sharing several of his most striking photographs that paint an moody picture of the city. Be it an image of Lake Michigan frozen over or the passing moment of a train, every one of these pictures is able to to tell a story that you cannot help but to get lost in.

“The thing I love most about photography is that as a photographer, it makes you so much more aware of the things around you,” Meyers elaborates. “The way light falls on buildings or water, and what the same spot can look like at different parts of the day. The way lines exist and converge and play with each other, in both natural and urban landscapes. How a place or a moment can evoke a specific and special kind of emotion. The trick is, you actually have to stop and pay attention to these things in order to appreciate them. Being a photographer, in a good way, forces you to see these things and capture them in order to create an interesting shot.”

It had been less than two years ago when Meyers picked up a digital camera for the first time. Looking for a helpful pastime immediately after getting sober, he had become captivated with his newfound passion and soaked in as much as he could pertaining to photographing and editing. His hobby has since become his new occupation, with him leaving behind a 20-year career in the advertising world to engage in photography full-time.

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