Gravity Industries Jet Suit Lets You Fly Like Iron Man‘s incredible jet suit may be the very first step towards creating a real-life Iron Man suit, and it is now available for sale.

Developed by inventor Richard Browning under his Gravity Industries company, the suit is made up mostly of electronics and 3D-printed parts with five miniature jet engines that produce a whopping 1050 horsepower. The jet suit has the ability to achieve speeds of 32 miles per hour (the record highest for jet-suit travel, apparently) and can ascend to an altitude of 12,000 feet, running on jet fuel or diesel.

Not surprisingly, using the suit is rather an energy-intensive activity. “This consumes about four litres a minute in the hover [position] so you can fly for three or four minutes quite easily and we have got another version — certainly on a cold day when you get more thrust, it’ll fly for about nine minutes,” Browning explained.

High end London department store Selfridges is selling the £340,000 (approx. $443,000) “Iron Man” suit. That price tag does include a “free” crash course at Gravity’s Flight Team Training hangar just a short trip outside London, though.