The Best Drone Photographs of the Year 2018
Winner of Abstract: Weather Snake by Ovi D. Pop

The Drone Awards Photo Contest, held by Siena Art Photo Travel Association, has just announced the winners for the best drone photos of 2018. The winners will definitely give you new perspective of humanity, nature and Earth itself.

Drones have made an indelible mark on our visual culture. Where once people had to hire a helicopter in order to capture aerial shots, now they can take smooth aerial video and images with relative ease.

“With the sky as the only limit” for this contest, the organization claims to have received more than 4,400 entries from photographers from 101 different countries among which the final winners of six categories were chosen (Abstract, Nature, People, Sports, Urban and Wildlife) with the France’s Florian Ledoux as the main winner to take the title of “Photographer of the Year” with his photo ‘Above the polar bear’.

Check out the incredible images below:

Photo of the Year: Above the Polar Bear by Florian Ledoux
Winner of Wildlife: Blacktip Shark by Adam Barker
Winner of Nature: Mada’in Saleh by Gabriel Scanu
Winner of People: Pilgrimage of Millions of People by Qinghua Shui/Drone Awards
Winner of Urban: Assisi Over the Clouds by Francesco Cattuto
Winner of Sport: Skating Shadows by Vincent Riemersma
Highly Commended: Der Kratera by Kirsten Tñuber
Highly Commended: Sportsmen Under the Sun by Senrong Hu
Highly Commended: Cold Winter Night by Yavor Michev
Runner Up: Warehouse Fire by Byron du Bois
Highly Commended: Mother and Calf by Anders Carlson
Highly Commended: Basketball by Shihui Liu
Highly Commended: Saving to Start Out by Fan Zhang
Runner Up: Amenities by Gary Cummins
Runner Up: Responsible Dady the Gharial With Babies by Dhritiman Mukherjee