Photography of Fog Covered Windmills by Albert Dros

Dutch photographer Albert Dros, whose work has been featured in Time, National Geographic, and The Huffington Post, is known for his incredible landscape photography. He captured a fairy tale like atmosphere. The village and windmills are usually full of tourists, now they unveil a romantic ambiance in the fog at 5am in the morning.

“A few weeks ago I shot all of these photos during this magical morning; a morning I will never forget. On this particular morning thick fog covered the area of the famous windmill village Zaanse Schans (try to pronounce that 🙂 ) in the Netherlands. I was lucky to be there around 5 AM in the morning and take these photos. It was like I was walking in a fairytale.”

Dros had been dreaming about photographing the historic windmills of Zaanse Schans for years. But, the right weather conditions were hard to come by. So while he was able to get this photograph after one try, it took years of waiting—and monitoring the weather reports.

Everything about the images are beautiful, the light, the fog the colors, nothing negatively can be said about them.