Confórmi: Heavenly Diagonal Mashups by Davide Trabucco

The project Confórmi is the result of the ingeniousness of Davide Trabucco, who uses his immense visual repertoire to combine photos, intertwining the veins of architecture, design, history and sometimes even politics.

Capturing and treating such a repertoire is in itself a huge undertaking. And yet, Trabucco does it with a certain ease, triggered by a perspective, a facade or a movement. His ability to find the perfect match never ceases to surprise and with a rather simple premise, he finds new levels of interpretation, all as a by-product of research for his work.

All images in Confórmi basically conform to a specific shape, namely that of a square sliced diagonally in half, with each of the two parts then originating from sources that are worlds apart in terms of time and style and yet which seamlessly integrate into one another.

“The working method on which the research project is based is comparable to the birth of a new image,” Trabucco argues: the moment in which “a drawing, a sculpture or a painting reminds you of something else.” Conforming to (confórmi translates to “compliance” in English) rigorous archival parameters—namely that each image is simultaneously square and diagonal—each product of the project reveals something new in its similarities to those which have come before it. According to its creator, the project “will stop growing at the same moment that the tool is no longer useful.” It remains, for now, “an open archive that anyone can consult anywhere online.”

The Confórmi series, currently growing online as a Tumblr and Instagram archive, will hopefully lead to a print publication soon.

Davide Trabucco: Website | Instagram | Tumblr