A Maze by Marco Iannicelli

This is A Maze, a piece by artist Marco Iannicelli. It’s a game made of solid marble.

Part sculpture, part game, A Maze is sure to make a statement wherever it’s placed. The top is made from marble, with a maze-like surface of seven concentric rings carved out of the central plate, which is moved back and forth with an old-school arcade joystick. Traditionally, labyrinths lead you around until an end is reached, but with A Maze, there’s no end.

“This game device removes the boundary between space and time for the user”, Iannicelli says of his creation. ‘A Maze’ playfully illustrates the complexity of the space-time continuum and makes it understandable and tangible.”

The number “seven” was selected as it is a number we come across daily (as in seven days a week), but it is also the subject of psychologist George A. Miller’s theory, that an average person can only hold seven objects simultaneously in short term memory.

This stunning game is an impeccably well crafted piece of design that is going to appeal on multiple levels.