The Future of Electric Boating has Arrived – Q-Yachts Q30

If you’re looking for a sleek motorboat, then the Finnish company Q-Yachts might have something for you, the 100 percent electric and totally silent Q30.

Its clean white design ensures that the Q30 is as easy on the eyes as it is the ears, with sleek lines, a hydro-dynamically-optimized hull (for producing minimal wake) and surprisingly spacious below-deck cabin.

The boat has a range of 42 nautical miles with the standard 30 kWh battery pack or 80 nautical miles with the optional 60 kWh battery pack. Power is provided by the Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor.

“During the past decade the Oceanvolt has been refined into a state of the art system for sailboats. Now the time has come to launch a 100% electric motor yacht — the Q-Yacht. From hull to exteriors, to the spacious interiors and touch screen operations at the helm, the Q-Yacht has been developed with one thing in mind — to be able to enjoy the journey.”

The boat weighs 1500 kg – plus trailer it is still light enough to be towed by a Tesla Model X, if you want to sray all electric.