Sofia Bonati’s A-maze-ing Lady Portraits

Sofia Bonati is an Argentinian artist currently living in Surrey, United Kingdom. Born into a family of artists, Bonati studied geology before taking up graphic design and illustration, which she now practices part-time.

There’s always something imaginative and mysterious in her works, and when you look at them the first thing that caughts your attention is the deep and thoughtful look of the women. As she herself indicates, she is interested in drawing, illustration and painting. In her work you can appreciate the use of linear patterns that are mixed with the portraits of her characters.

Specializing in women’s portraits, she systematically brings an astonishing element to her illustrations. In the series “A-maze-ing girls” below, she skilfully mixes portrait and labyrinthine forms. The portrait series seems to reflect the complicated, cryptic and mysterious nature of a female.

Bonati uses pencils, watercolours, inks, gouache and markers to portray “the intricacy of the female mind and women’s role in society”. She is influenced by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele for their treatment of the human form, and by William Morris for his patterns. The women in the paintings are generally a composition of different pictures that inspire her. “There are definitely elements in my work that naturally relate to feminism. The portraits I draw reflect the complexity and power of women.”

Sofia Bonati: Behance | Instagram