Extraordinary Realistic Cats Crafted Out of Felted Wool

Japanese artist WakuNeco can take something as common as wool and turns it into extraordinary hyperrealistic cat portraits.

Shining eyes, soft fur, serious faces and true to life whiskers. WakuNeco makes hyperrealistic cat portraits using needle felting, a process of interlocking wool fibers together with a barbed needle. This is an complex, meticulously detailed technique which this wonderful woman has generously shared in various YouTube videos.

Wakuneco occasionally makes use of pictures of actual cats as a reference, adding and trimming every single distinctive marking as she works on it. And once finished, she installs each felted feline inside wooden frames, which results in cute pieces of art which seem like they may jump to life at any second!

Wakuneco sells her work via Yahoo! Auctions and currently only ships to Japan. For similarly cute work check out Simon Brown and his adorable animals that bring back life to old brushes.