This or That: Photo Manipulations by Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis is a graphic designer, logo & brand identity specialist. Some offbeat and colorful creations that mix animals, food and everyday objects, playing with a lot of humor on visual associations and puns.

Lewis uses Photoshop to combine photos of unexpected objects, creating surreal digital art that tricks the mind and eye. He takes simple, everyday objects and blends them together, creating something new and unordinary. The result of his creativity is a series of clever and witty images.

Some images are based on visual associations, like a sheep with a body made of cauliflower. Others are instead literal representations of some words. So, we see a butterfly with wings made of butter, or a jelly with fish inside it to represent a jellyfish.

If you love Lewis’ work, you can wear the images on t-shirts thanks to his recently launched This or That clothing line

Randy Lewis: Website | Instagram