SEGA’s Arcade Cabinets to be Celebrated in Pop-Up Book

Specialist publisher Read-Only Memory, the team behind awesome publications such as the Sega Genesis Collected Works, are attempting something completely different. Rather than issuing yet another coffee table book related to video games, they are publishing a coffee table book about video games that will also have cardboard pop-ups of old Sega arcade cabinets.

Should you be of a certain age, you might remember SEGA logos splashed all over the sides of arcade games. Space Harrier, OutRun, Thunder Blade, and Hang-On were just a few of these classic SEGA games found at arcades back in the day.

Sega Arcade: Pop-Up History contains pop-up sculptures of several of the Japanese company’s most popular arcade cabinets. All happen to be the creation of Yu Suzuki, the father of the so-called “taikan” or “body sensation” games. These video games presented gamers with immersive, heart-pounding simulations of motorcycle racing, air-to-air combat, and high speed driving. Suzuki is currently at work on Shenmue 3.

“These cabinets remain high water marks for the once-vibrant arcade game scene,” states the Kickstarter campaign, “seductive, gaudy fusions of industrial design and 1980s graphic art.”

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends on Aug. 9th, features an ask of £40,000, or the equivalent of $52,796. Delivery is expected in April 2019. Given the current rate of backing, it should be successfully funded very soon.