Concentric Yellow Circles Cover the Walls of Medieval Fortress Carcassonne

With an original installation by the famous French-Swiss artist Felice Varini, the Center des Monuments Nationaux celebrates the 20th anniversary of the city of Carcassonne as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visible until September 2018, Varini’s latest project is a striking installation at the medieval fortress of Carcassonne in Southern France. Spread on the west front of the city fortifications, 15 yellow circles all align perfectly when standing facing one of the gates.

At first glance, the bright yellow circles in the pictures of one of the famous French fortresses look fake, photoshopped on. But they are very real. To the dismay of some of the people of southwestern France.

The yellow aluminum strips were added to the medieval fortress of the city to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their appointment as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Varini, the creator of the installation, said that they fit perfectly with the gray walls of the monument. But not everyone agrees. A petition calling for the removal of the counties has so far almost 2,000 signatories. Varini responded to the criticism calmly: “I have experienced this kind of reaction many times before, first there is incomprehension and then the opinions change gradually.”

The medieval fortress has a double row of fortified walls that extend over three kilometers and cover 52 watchtowers. It is a major tourist attraction and is visited by three million people each year.