LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Creator Expert Set is Awesome

With regards to James Bond’s automobiles of choice, absolutely nothing surpasses his car from Goldfinger. The Aston Martin DB5 will more than likely go down in history as one of the greatest cars to ever grace the road or the silver screen. And now LEGO has recreated it in amazing detail.

The most recent line from the LEGO creator expert series, which is being launched on july 18th in LEGO stores and online, offers models from the Taj Mahal to the London Bridge. This Aston Martin DB5 model is not the first timeless car or supercar to be minimized into model size, with the Bugatti Chiron introduced earlier this year.

The model consists of 1,290 parts, is 10 cm high, 34 cm long and 12 cm wide. But more importantly: On board are the functioning miniature gadgets such as a the passenger seat ejector, revolving number plates, wheel-mounted tire scythes, rear-window bulletproof screen and front wing machine guns. There is also a highly detailed interior with a retractable tracking computer and a door compartment with telephone.

The blocky 1,290-piece Lego DB5 doesn’t quite match the real car’s classically curvaceous 1960s silhouette. But it is unmistakably an Aston Martin, from the wire wheels to the chrome bumpers and even a recreation of the real car’s straight-six engine under the hood. The price of the LEGO model is €149.99.