Resin Art by Erika Voss Looks Like Real-Life Koi Ponds

By arranging miniature pond blossoms, lily pads, stones, and logs into ceramic bowls or wood made bases, Erika Voss makes real looking miniature koi fish ponds. She designs very elaborate works of art that represent the kois and their surroundings in three dimensions. For this, the American artist uses a brush and paint as well as transparent resin.

At first glance, each piece looks like it contains real, miniature koi carp, swimming around their little lagoons. However, every pint-sized pond and the colorful fish within has actually been assembled and painted by Voss.

First Voss paints the bottom of the bowl, then she pours a layer of resin over it. She then paints layer by layer and continues to do so until her work is done. To give some elements extra depth, she cuts them into the resin and pours paint into the gaps. Finally, she uses a burner to get the bubbles out of the resin.

If you like these zero-maintenance koi pond placed on your desk, you can purchase them from Voss’ Etsy shop. She also offers some pretty impressive pyrography pieces, jewelry, and keyring designs. Her koi ponds range from 23€ to 37€. Also check out her Instagram to stay up to date with her work.