Eddie Putera’s Miniature Dioramas

Malaysian artist Eddie Putera creates wonderfully detailed miniature dioramas of all kinds. He combines his talents of miniature modeling and photography to create detailed scenes.

Who does not like to get all nostalgic when looking back on old childhood photos or visits forgotten places? Putera always has a story to tell and creating miniature dioramas was the perfect way to visualize those tales. He built his first diorama about 3 years ago after realizing that the subjects of his works need a physical background to fully explore their history and context.

Some of his miniatures are recreated completely from memory, as a way to honor and relive moments from Putera’s past. It’s especially difficult as some of the scenes no longer exist in the real world, so he has to either ask for his family’s input or try his best to remember the specifics.

All the dioramas are handmade, and he makes them all himself. It takes him about a week to finish one miniature model. But building an entire scene and getting all the elements can take from two to four months.

Attention to detail and the ability to recreate various textures and objects make his dioramas extremely realistic, so it’s no wonder that his painstaking work attracted people’s attention. The artist from Malaysia regularly sells his works and also accepts orders from customers.

Eddie Putatera: Website | Instagram