CeramicSpeed’s Driven Concept Might Become the World’s Most Efficient Drivetrain

The 2018 edition of eurobike has announced its winning entries, which includes a chainless bicycle. Developed by CeramicSpeed and dubbed ‘Driven’ is a pinion-style shaft-drive system.

The word “unchained” fits here both literally and metaphorically. CeramicSpeed’s new drivetrain removes the ubiquitous chain that’s synonymous with two-wheelers for a drivetrain that’s mess-free, low on friction, and amazing looking. Anyone who has put serious mileage on a bike has surely experienced gear skips, slips, and other blood-boiling mechanical problems that accompany a chain and derailleur drivetrain. This revolutionary chainless bicycle does away with all of them.  

The design reduces the amount of friction generated by the market-leading chain and derailleur setup by 49%. It accomplishes this amazing feat by eliminating eight different points of contact. The pinion-style system also utilizes 21 low-friction CeramicSpeed bearings that transfer torque seamlessly from the front ring through the drivetrain and onto the 13-speed cog.

The CeramicSpeed Driven gear system has been developed by the brand and the University of Colorado Mechanical Engineering Department. Still in its prototype stages, the Driven remarkably achieves 99% efficiency and is poised to radically change bicycling as we know it!