Is this Scotland’s most unusual Airbnb? The Airship002

Found in the Scottish Highlands by the Isle of Mull, AirShip002 may perhaps resemble a metallic space vehicle from afar. Yet as soon as you get closer, you are going to realize it is actually a modern house, designed by Roderick James Architects, which features a classic airship-inspired form, covered in light weight aluminum, along with a lot of windows to let the day light bathe the modern interior.

The Scottish Highlands are generally majestic lands, located above the Atlantic Ocean. The region, whilst scarcely inhabited by people, is instead populated by towering mountains, yawning fields of grass, placid lochs – and also this tiny, submarine-like home located right in the middle of it. With expansive views of the landscape, the AirShip002 provides privacy in Drimnin on the West Coast of Scotland.

The appealing and modern design and style results in a charming interior space. Curved glass windows on the east and west frame the vista of the Isle of Mull, stunning hills along with the sea. Portholes offer interesting glimpses of the scenery beyond and then the little porch to the side is an idyllic spot to sit if weather permits. Deer, sheep, foxes and eagles graze and soar in the fields and woods around the AirShip002.

Aluminium was used in order to avoid issues with timber deteriorating in the hard local climate, also because the Airship002 is designed to be moved. It’s prefabricated and modular, with the 1-bedroom model being 4,4m wide, by 9,20m and 3,95m high.

The Airship002 features one bedroom and bath, with a galley kitchen and sitting area. There is also a balcony for taking in the sunsets, but that is certainly also easily achieved indoors with one wall which is entirely glass.

You are going to want to stock up on groceries prior to getting there, for the reason that the AirShip002 is 13 kilometers from the nearest store, and you will want every single second to relish these magnificent views. There is more information at the Airbnb listing.

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via [hiconsumption]