Incredible Designer Cakes by Elena Gnut

Elena Gnut is a 31-year-old food artist from Kaliningrad, Russia and she is already acknowledged as one of the world’s most talented cake artists. She possesses a versatile style and bakes both traditional, elegant cakes and special fairytale-like kinds.

Whoever said pastry chefs were just bakers, was wrong. Gnut’s cakes look a lot more like imaginative sculptures than treats meant to be eaten. Going through her popular Instagram, you frequently feel as if you may have discovered the most beautiful cake you have ever seen, but then you scroll further down and find even more outstanding ones.

Gnut’s creativity and imagination is boundless. Each and every cake can be described as a unique piece of art, which has a distinctive style and theme. Her artwork or pastries always remain authentic and original, although she does take inspiration from film characters or cartoons.

No clue how tasty her cakes actually are, but if they taste half as good as they look, her customers are surely more than satisfied. For more cake inspiration check out Ksenia Penkina‘s, Susanne Ng‘s or Dinara Kasko‘s amazing sweet delights.