Display Art: Visual Merchandising and Window Display

Display Art features extraordinary examples of window design that are specifically meant to catch the attention of passers-by and to differentiate a retail brand from its competitors. A new illustrated book presents highlights of international shop window design.

Decorating shop windows is not for designers? Far from it, a whole range of agencies have turned shop window design into an exciting, global business. And even design freelancers have made a name for themselves as shop-window designers, as the illustrated book “Display Art. Visual Merchandising and Window Display” shows.

The visual fireworks in this book by the brand-new Flamant publishing house in Barcelona probably inspires every creative person, whether advertiser, photographer or designer. From page to page you can only marvel at inventiveness and effort dedicated for a window that will only last a season.

Display Art features projects by specialists in visual merchandising from across the globe, including art directors, graphic designers, and window artists. The selected projects focus on aspects such as structures, textures, lighting design, custom lettering, amusing illustrations, delicate paper crafting, and installations made of multiple materials such as wood, steel, fabric, and rubber.

The label Christian Louboutin, for example, creates giant metal spiders in shops all over the world that wear a fine shoe on every leg. Uniqlo creates a room installation of countless floating merino wool threads for the autumn season. The British men’s fashion manufacturer Hackett creates the perfect illusion that the Thames has sloshed into the store and the men in the shop window let their feet dangle in the water. And so on.

The home of the best window design is still London, where it has been invented by Selfridges. The spectacular shop windows are part of the overall shopping experience. Also frequently represented in the book are Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Yerevan and Budapest.

The author does not only showcase specialists like StudioXAG, Harlequin Design or The JoAnn Tan Studio from London. Full-service design agencies are also featured, such as Bond Creative Agency or staat, which also masters topics such as interactive installations. Or incredible talents like Levi van Veluw, creative genius behind the shop window installations for the Hermès shop on Madison Avenue in New York.

The author Wang Shaoqiang is a professor and graduate supervisor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China. He is a prolific editor whose titles focus on international design, architecture, branding, communication, trends, and culture, and he is also the editor of Design 360° magazine and Asia-Pacific Design. He is also director of the Guangdong Museum of Art and professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Arts and Humanities of the Macau University of Science and Technology. The book “Display Art: Visual Merchandising and Window Display” is available on amazon.