This 7.3 Gigapixel Time-Lapse Panorama of London Is Amazing

Nikon and the Lenstore have partnered with the Canary Wharf Group to make the world’s first Gigapixel time-lapse panorama. Called ’24 Hour London’, the panorama gives you a 155° view of London’s skyline.

Photographer Henry Stuart has used a Nikon D850 and AF-S Nikkor 300mm F2.8 lens using a robotic mount by Nikon-owned robotics company Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC). The panorama view highlights the metropolis in an incredible amount of detail, with Nikon boasting that you could read signs up to 5 miles away from the location where the image was captured. A total of over 6,240 images were taken of London over 24 hours, and then stitched together to deliver the seamless view of the city skyline. The image is 7.3 Gigapixels (7,300 Megapixels or 7bn pixels), which is over 1000x more powerful than the camera on an iPhone X.

Once processed and stitched together, the resulting image allows viewers to pick the time of day and to zoom into the image to see the details of distant buildings—and even people relaxing inside their apartments!

The concept was a commission for Lenstore, a UK vision-care company, to promote eye health. To see the full 7 gigapixel ‘timelapse’ for yourself, and explore London in all its glory, head over to the 24 Hour London website.

Some of London’s iconic landmarks that can be spotted from 24 Hour London include:

  •    The London Eye
  •    Tower Bridge
  •    The Olympic Stadium
  •    The Gherkin
  •    Sky Garden
  •    The Shard
  •    ArcelorMittal Orbit
  •    The Leadenhall Building