Painted Street Carpets by Arthur-Louis Ignoré

French street artist Arthur-Louis Ignoré, aka ALI, makes the world a lot more beautiful by painting white patterned carpets on streets across the world. Intrigued by tracing the “evolution of ornaments across the history of art,” he makes use of traditional motifs into his street art.

ALI uses white paint to handcraft his elaborate “ephemeral frescoes,” making it possible for each individual piece to stand out in opposition to its concrete and asphalt backdrop. Apart from this eye-catching color pairing, each masterpiece draws in the attention with its noticeable historic influences, which manifest as Hindu and Buddhist mandalas, the geometric forms found in Islamic architecture, and other ornamental details.

“Developed in diverse social and geographical contexts, ornamentation offers many sources of inspiration and paths of research. [I am] interested in the evolution of ornaments across the history of art and the role it occupies in our civilizations. [,,] The spaces on floors, walls and roofs are home to paintings with black and white patterns and of botanical inspiration. The ornaments created reveal the cultural mixing of our contemporary cities but also produce a contrast with the aesthetics of the modern city.”

ALI paints his white patterned carpets on public sidewalks and passageways in metropolitan areas around the world, including recent installations across France and Finland. In a world which appears to be obsessive about modernism and minimalism, ornamentation may appear unnecessary. However, these types of flourishes of form, of a more fanciful expression of ideas, of an extra piece of splendor are really precious inside our lusterless and quite often indifferent towns and cities.

Arthur-Louis Ignoré: Instagram | Behance