beyerdynamic FOX: Professional USB Studio Microphone

Beyerdynamic has a new studio-grade USB microphone called the FOX. Thanks to the integrated USB interface, the microphone can be used easily and independently of the environment – whether in the studio, at home, on vacation or outdoors. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and simple operation makes the beyerdynamic FOX ideal for musicians and podcasters on the go.

The beyerdynamic FOX features a high-quality microphone capsule, as found in professional studio microphones around the world. The microphone capsule of the FOX offers a high sensitivity and records even the finest nuances. The cardioid polar pattern reliably protects recordings from noise, while the elastic suspension of the microphone capsule prevents the transmission of structure-borne noise such as footsteps or fret noises.

The beyerdynamic FOX combines a large condenser capsule with a preamplifier, AD converter and headphone amplifier, all connected through the latest-generation USB Type C conector and interface.

Whether online livestreams, recordings inside or outside the home studio or podcasts “on the road” – the beyerdynamic FOX is easy to take along as a compact complete solution and can be used very flexibly.  “Speech and vocal recordings, podcasts, and ambitious acoustic performances can be realized effortlessly,” the company says.

Set-up is still remarkably simple: a single USB cable links the microphone to a computer, the headphones plug directly into the microphone. The front controls allow adjusting the volume for the powerful headphone amplifier, the microphone signal sent to the headphones, and a button on the back of the microphone adjusts the gain and enables FOX to be used even with exceptionally loud sources. A mute button makes it easy to cut the sound of a cough during live online transmissions.

The engineers at beyerdynamic have managed to fit all the components needed for professional recording into the compact FOX. It’s priced at $179, which is competitive with similar products from Blue, Apogee, Rode, Shure, and other companies. The Fox is available for preorder today and starts shipping on July 16th.