Gorgeous Interior Bas-Relief Sculptures by Goga Tandashvili

Russian artisan Goga Tandashvili carves large-scale bas-relief works of art indoors, placing details like florals, tropical leaves, and seated peacocks to otherwise flat walls. By using a combination of hand building and carving tools, the Russian sculptor brings the gorgeous scenes to life while they merge perfectly with their surroundings.

The peacocks, flowery ornaments and a variety of nature inspired decoratives seem like they are ready to come to life at any moment. The sculptures were crafted to blend perfectly with the decor of the interior in which they are placed in and they create an overall impressionist atmosphere.

Aside from his bas-relief sculptures, Tandashvili is also a prolific drawer and painter with an impressionist-inspired style; his paintings possess a lighthearted fluidity that is reminiscent of dynamic brush lines and strokes you could come across inside a sketchbook.

Bas-Relief is a technique as old as humankind’s very first artistic endeavors, a way of sculpting figures that are slightly raised from a flat surface. Bas-Relief sculptures could be found on the walls of all kinds of buildings and temples from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Tandashvili shares his techniques with others and has hosted workshops that instruct participants on how to create their own bas-relief sculptures.

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