Wondefully Surreal Photo Manipulations by Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a gifted 22-year-old digital artist and photographer currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. Peters merges reality with his own imagination through the use of Photoshop. He has generated a substantial body of images which are beautiful, enchanting – and impossible.

Certain photography purists downright detest photo manipulation, however other individuals appreciate how it has opened up photography to innovative men and women and fresh ideas. Photo manipulation allows you to make all kinds of fantastic worlds and scenarios and let your imagination run wild. Pablo Picasso’s quote “Everything you can imagine is real” is Peter’s motto and it shows in his work.

Just two years ago, Peters started out dabbling with Photoshop. Inspired by YouTube tutorials and stock footage, Peters instantly became enamored by just how simple and easy it was to quickly combine two disparate images together, and began his journey into the world of surrealist art.

“Today one of the most important things for me is to have an unique idea that I can bring to life through my artworks and also to improve my skills in using Photoshop. I’ve never expected to get there where I am now or to create artworks for companies like Adobe or Puma sometimes. So dreams can come true if you’re ready to work for them.”

Justin Peters: jstnptrs.myportfolio.com | Instagram | behance | Facebook | twitter