Muscle-up, This One-Take Drone Video Will Blow You Away

Robert McIntosh has created ‘Muscle-Up,’ a relaxing aerial cruise through Muscle Beach in Santa Monica which he shot with his tiny drone.

McIntosh claims to have used the “world’s smallest HD drone”. The really small drone weighs only 94.7 grams and about 120 grams with a battery pack and foam roll cage attached. As a reference point, a GoPro HERO6 Black camera weighs 117 grams, so McIntosh’s drone/GoPro combination weighs less than a normal GoPro.

It’s a drone which can squeeze through the smallest of spaces, as you can see in the spectacular two-minute video. His video not too long ago made the news when it was announced that this short film won in two categories, ‘Made in LA’ and ‘Best in Show’, at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival.

The extraordinary piloting really helps to showcase several of the unusual features of the area’s built environment. The camera darts among palm trees and swoops through objects as small as the Gymnastic rings next to the weight pen at Muscle Beach.

The short film was all taken in one shot and edited so that it plays backward. Also the clip has been heavily stabilized by using ReelSteady for Adobe After Effects. You can see the unstabilized footage and some mishaps here: