Mightier Than: Ravi Zupa Builds Guns Out of Typewriters

The word is mightier than the sword, or in this case guns. This is a wise old saying and at the same time the premise with which the artist Ravi Zupa has approached his current project “Mightier Than“.

Mightier Than is heavy with symbolism, given today’s political and social climate. Zupa has taken apart old typewriters and reassembled them as replicas of firearms. Other components come from disposed staplers and other metal objects. At first glance, the sculptures of Zupa actually look like rifles and pistols, but then you quickly recognize the roller and various levers.

For the Denver-based artist, books are the most important source for learning art. Therefore, he has spent decades studying books on religion, mythology and culture from all regions and times of humanity. Therefore, his works can not be assigned to a specific direction. Mainly Zupa reaches for the brush and realizes his artistic visions in the form of pictures.

These sculptures are not used to destroy, but to contribute; a fitting physical representation of the saying “the pen is mightier than a sword”.