Aerials of Pools Will Send You Right Into Summer by Stephan Zirwes

German born photographer Stephan Zirwes has specialized in taking aerial images from helicopters and also drones. His series called ‘Pools‘ consist of images of actual swimming pools from all over the southern part of Germany shot from a helicopter using a high-resolution digital camera with 50 megapixels.

Excellent photography has the power to turn common things and places into something completely different, completely new and captivating. This is exactly what Stephan Zirwes is able to do in his series entitled ‘Pools’, which he started in 2015. Sitting on a helicopter at an altitude of over 300 meters, with a Hasselblad 50 MP in his hands, the German photographer captures pools from above. Which is close enough to capture swimmers, diving boards, water slides and umbrellas in razor-sharp detail, however, not so close that it freaks people out. “I don’t want to disturb the public,” he says.

“The pools have singular and interesting structures and morphologies, often very strange”, said the artist in a recent interview. Zirwes makes use of Photoshop to get rid of distractions like buildings and creates a patterned “frame” around the swimming pools, transforming a common pool into a splendid minimalist scene.

Actually, this project is a study regarding water, the primary resource for life on our planet. It aims to make us reconsider the waste of if for entertainment instead of sustenance.

“In most regions of the world these pools are reserved for private usage and are a massive waste of drinking water. Public pools can still be a symbol for the importance that water should be free and accessible to everyone.”