The Extraordinary Illustrations by Gabriel Levesque

Gabriel Levesque, more well known as Oska, is a graphic artist and illustrator who carries us through his works in his dream world. Galactic landscapes, imaginary world or unreal perspective, the young artist of about twenty years invites us to his fantasy.

Inside our own imagination, anything is possible. Levesque visually conceptualizes this abstract notion. Conjuring images paying homage to everything from Dalí to Tron to Blade Runner to Myst, the work of Levesque brings together surrealism and neo-futurism with a hint of anime. He creates original creative works and album art commissions for musicians, Oska pushes clean design and simplicity into the sometimes “maxed-out” world of neon sci-fi NeoWave.

The project Mind’s Eye for example was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s iconic saying, “You are the hero of your own story.” Because levesque has made his primary figures faceless and genderless, it allows us to place ourselves within the illustrations–they encourage us to reflect on our own lives and act as a reminder that we help shape our own destiny.”

Levesque’s artwork overall is at once nostalgic and futuristic, and calls to mind vintage sci-fi novels and old 8-bit games. The landscapes he creates — both in and outside of people’s heads — look like a futuristic world with primitive roots, something like these proposed floating colonies dreamt up by an environmental architect.

Gabriel Levesque: Behance | Instagram | Facebook