The Nobe 100 Is a Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle With a Vintage Touch

Nobe 100 is the name of a new electric car project from Estonia, which is currently looking for investors. In a bid to make electric cars more stylish, the Nobe 100 is a three-wheeled, neo-designed, light electric vehicle, inspired by vintage icons.

Electric vehicles are just on the horizon for many consumers who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to gas-powered transportation, so the Nobe 100 has been designed as a stylish option that’s inherently different. The Estonian-based company called Nobe Cars wants to use the online platform Fundedbyme to bring a particularly well-known electric car called 100 to production readiness.

So far, the Nobe 100 is only a 1:1 model and some beautiful computer renderings. The design is particularly reminiscent of the car manufacturers of the 1950s. Thanks to these design cues the electric vehicle looks cute, elegant, and chic. The Nobe 100 is intended primarily for city traffic. Compact dimensions and the tricycle layout promise a particularly small turning circle. Inside, with a classic-minimalist cockpit, there is room for three passengers.

“We wanted to fuse together personality and conscience, not just inventing a more sustainable way to get around cities, but also making it a more exciting and charismatic experience than a petrol vehicle,” said Muljar. “The Nobe 100 is a feat of engineering and design thinking. We haven’t designed a new car, we’ve designed a new way to build and experience a car. We’ve reinvented the car from the wheels up.”

When it comes to drive technology, Nobe relies on simple components. For example, small hub motors with 15 kW / 20 hp each are used on all three wheels. The car will take 5.9 seconds from 0 of 100 km/h, with a maximum high speed of 110 km/h. A 220km range is promised and the battery will take about two hours to recharge. In addition to the emission-free drive, the Nobe 100 should also be particularly environmentally friendly through the use of reusable materials.

The EV’s creators have designed the nobe as an upgradeable and recyclable alternative to disposable cars that instantly start decreasing in value and are scrapped. The price equivalent in the US for a Nobe 100 is said to be approximately $34,000 and sales there are scheduled to begin by 2020. Way more affordable than a speedy Tesla Roadster, and much cuter.