Visualizing Alzheimer

The portraits of the artist and photographer Alma Haser inspired the creatives of the BBDO Group Germany to create an emotional and impressive campaign for the Alzheimer Research Initiative.

BBDO Düsseldorf and Proximity Worldwide show in an emotional campaign how everyday life of an Alzheimer’s patient becomes an impossible puzzle. The campaign was conceived and implemented for the Alzheimer Research Initiative to generate donations to support the research.

The BBDO agency has designed four portraits as a puzzle that can no longer be put together. These portraits are intended to show, from the perspective and the eyes of an Alzheimer’s patient. In Germany alone, more than 1.2 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s and suffer from the fact that their perception is dwindling and the environment is becoming an ever greater puzzle.

The motifs that make the disease tangible and really get under your skin can be seen in high-traffic locations such as Düsseldorf Airport and the train station and is also designed as a print ad.  In addition, the social media channels and the homepage of the Alzheimer Research Initiative are advertised.