Surreal Far Eastern Sculptures by Yuan Xing Liang

Yuan Xing Liang is a Chinese artist who makes incredible surrealistic clay sculptures. The sculptures incorporate elements of nature, animals, and architecture to create stunning 360-degree pieces of art.

China-based artist Yuan Xing Liang, stuns with his outstanding work. The artist is proficient in fantasy and impressive skillfullness, each and every perspective and the movement is fantastic. In his artwork Spring Mang Taohua Island Four Seasons Fantasy City for instance, the prototyping instructor crafts elaborate portraits featuring faces of women which are merged with delicate flourishes and elements of landscapes. Particularly, their head of hair turns into a site of surrealism; the long tresses wrap around their heads and are the foundation where miniature buildings, fish ponds, and trees make their home.

The works are of incredible detail and unquestionably demand a great deal of patience to create – some sculptures may require 3 months to finish. These special items are made to the smallest detail – from the locks of hairs in the busts to the realistic emotions in the characters’ faces. Each of Liang’s sculptures is unique and handcrafted from clay.

Despite their complex design, Liang occasionally creates small editions of his sculptures. The artist is a graduate of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.