Japan Gets Zero-Calorie Coaca-Cola Clear

This month in Japan, Coca-Cola is releasing a clear version with the clever name of, wait for it, Coca-Cola Clear.

Back in the ’90s heyday of sugary sodas, Pepsi turned it’s brown cola clear. Crystal Pepsi didn’t last long, but it was hype as hell. Rival Coca-Cola never outright competed on Pepsi’s level, keeping its signature drink as deep brown as ever. But now, almost three decades later, Coke is going clear.

Adding to its outlandish Japan-exclusive concoctions, Coca-Cola recently unveiled a zero-calorie clear version of its popular Coke soda. The beverage giant’s Japan division came up with the concept and its U.S. headquarters spent a year developing the recipe. Over fifty samples were created, and Coca-Cola finally settled on a zero calorie version with a splash of lemon. Early impressions are that the clear Coke is a refreshing take on the brown fizzy beverage.

However, this isn’t the first clear Coca-Cola. After World War II, during the 1940s, “white Coke” was made for Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov.