Trinity by Philipp Frank

Multidisciplinary artist Philipp Frank a short while ago set up a large-scale light installation within the historic St. Ludwig’s Church in Munich, Germany.

In Frank’s video work titled ‘Trinity’, he has implemented and digitally modified the ornamentation and geometry that can be found inside the church. The artwork enhances the aesthetic in the beautiful historic building. For the project, Frank took pictures of selected decorative elements in the place of worship and utilized them as a starting point to create stunning kaleidoscopic animated graphics of the symbols and patterns. These were then 3D-projected on a large blank canvas that is made up of a triangle and a semi-circle. The project was originally complemented live on the great church organ, with abstract soundscapes by Stephan Heuberger.

Born in the late 70’s, Philipp Frank is an artist who grew up in Paris and Munich. In 1993 he discovered his passion for creativity as a graffiti writer and since then has developed skills in various artistic disciplines. After graduating in 2005 as a communication designer, he has worked in advertising and design agencies as Designer and Art Director. Since 2008 he is self-employed, working on projects around the globe, combining digital and analog tools to create his works of art. Lately he has specialized in the creation of his so called “Videomurals”. A mesmerizing combination of his paintings and video artwork.

Philipp Frank: Website | Instagram | Behance