This Beauty Blogger Transformed Herself Into the Mona Lisa

Makeup lovers have long known that putting on a face is comparable to fiddling with art, but one beauty blogger just took that concept a step further. She turned herself into the Mona Lisa on Instagram, and the change proves the transformative power of our concealers and eyeshadow palettes.

The 27-year-old artist showcased is called Yuya Mika online. She already had a substantial following on social media platforms such as China’s Sina Weibo. To create the look, Mika used multiple shades of liquid bronzer and concealer to add shadows to her face and visually alter her bone structure to match that of da Vinci’s most iconic painting.

This is not the first time Mika has reinterpreted famous paintings using makeup, she has also done Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine, as well as the equally iconic Marilyn Monroe. This is quite a remarkable testament to the power of makeup.