Legoland Japan Breaks World Record With 800,000+ Brick Sakura Tree

It’s springtime in Japan, that means – incredible landscapes covered in blossoming sakura trees. Legoland Japan is celebrating its one-year anniversary and used the cherry blossom season to set a new world record. The theme park in Nagoya recently created an official Guinness World Record with the largest cherry blossom tree made entirely out of Lego bricks.

The resulting beautiful plastic sakura tree measured 4.38 meters tall, 5.42 meters long and 4.93 meters wide – over 881,470 Lego bricks were used and it weighs a staggering 3,333 kilos. The tree was originally put together by builders in the Czech Republic. It took them over 6,500 hours to design and build it, and then it was shipped to Nagoya, Japan to be assembled.

The cherry blossom is an icon of springtime in Japan that’s recognizable around the world.