Humiforms – Body Art by Alexander Khokhlov & Veronika Ershova

The Moscow-based Alexander Khokhlov is a sought-after photo artist. In collaboration with his wife Veronika Ershova, the series “Humiforms” was recently created, which gives features surreal optical illusions using Body Art.

“In the project, named Humiforms, we turned to our favourite subject of visual transformations to create unusual portraits, from the layering of familiar objects. In Humiforms, we explore the personality and its inner world, revealing through the images diverse qualities and conditions of humanity. Internal contradictions and harmony, a passion for excitement and excessive conservatism, a thirst for freedom and selective attention — these are some of the themes that emerge in the Humiforms series.”

Created using graphic, black and white makeup, each trick-of-the-eye portrait transforms the model into a familiar object or symbol. Taking anywhere from two to six hours to create each piece, some of the images feature various props and accessories to complete the illusion.

Alexander Khokhlov: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

Veronica Ershova: Facebook | Instagram | Behance