Caviar iPhone X Tesla Features Solar Panel

A Russian accessories maker called Caviar just released one of the most expensive iPhones you can buy. The iPhone X Tesla can best be described as an actual iPhone X that has been encased in carbon and gold with a built-in solar-powered battery pack.

The iPhone X Tesla will be Caviar’s first smartphone release that includes a solar panel on the back. The large solar panel on the back feeds into a dedicated battery, which can then provide charge to the iPhone X’s battery with a press of the power button on the rear.

The carbon fiber case surrounding the shock-resistant solar panel is flanked on the sides by an anodized buttons, and golden decorative elements on the rear.

Available in either 64gb and 256gb options, Caviar originally intended to craft 99 models, but the demand for the deluxe device far exceeded expectations. Now the company is increasing the production to 999 units instead. The 64gb version is 284,000 ₽ ($4600), as mentioned. A 256gb one is 299,000 ₽ ($4850).