Subway Doodles by Ben Rubin

Monday through Friday, Ben Rubin usually takes the subway from Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he lives, to his Manhattan office. The commute can take him around an hour, that gives him plenty of time for doodling.

Rubin is the owner of The Mint Farm, an advertising and marketing company that produces commercials tv networks and social media. In 2011, he started doodling on an iPad to pass the time during his subway ride.

The ongoing project features pictures of New York City with a fantastical twist—Rubin adds his very own figures into the scenarios as they “interact” with real-world environment in both entertaining and mischievous ways.

“I started sketching on my iPad during my commute just to pass the time. One day I took a picture with my iPad on the train and drew over the picture,” Rubin explains. “It was fun so I did another. And another. Then it just kind of continued from there.”

Rubin draws each of the characters on his iPad using the Procreate app, simply sketching up the monsters and gentle giants.

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