Sculptures of Children Dissolved in the Air by Lene Kilde

Lene Kilde, a sculptor from Norway, is a brilliant observer of all subtleties of childish body language. Her way of dealing with it is astonishing and inspiring at the same time: she creates expressive, child sculptures made of concrete and metal mesh. Believing that body language is “their purest form of communication,” Kilde visualizes each childlike pose with great detail.

At first glance, these sculptures may appear ominous or bleak, but further time spent with the work offers hints at wistful and youthful action. Or as Kilde says in a statement,“her intention is to invite the audience to use their own imagination so that they can complete the sculptures and fill in the lines and volume by themselves.”

The artist has exhibited her works in Norway, Denmark, and the U.S. Kilde’s background is in product design, having a master’s degree in the discipline. After graduating, she was awarded the Norwegian Arts Council scholarship. Since she has created work seen across the globe.

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