Hyperrealistic Double Exposure Paintings by Tigran Tsitoghdzya

Armenian painter Tigran Tsitoghdzyan has a series called ‘Millenium’ where he creates incredible hyperrealistic paintings of beautiful women. Made with oil on canvas, they appear to be cupping their faces with their hands, creating a double exposure effect.

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a New York City-based visual artist. He was born in 1976 in Yerevan, Armenia. Since when he was very young he passed his days painting and drawing. He found his universe when he discovered the oil paints at the age of 5. Tsitoghdzyan’s first personal exhibition with one hundred works was held when he was ten years old. Tigran went on to be educated at both the Fine Art Academy of Yerevan as well as the ECAV in Switzerland.

His current works display uncanny portraits that appear to be photographed but have the precision of a painting. The time and effort Tsitoghdzyan has put into honing his craft shows, allowing him to not only paint hyperrealistic renditions of people, but to peer into their souls with a few masterful layering techniques. The large portraits start from a photograph. Tsitoghdyzan then takes the image and turns it into a painted portrait with little touches that separate it from a photograph.

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