Sorry, can I take a picture of you? – Bennett Pimpinella

Bennett Pimpinella has taken portraiture photography made it entirely his own. With a level of intimacy, warmth and compassion, he takes the pictures of complete strangers on the street and encounters a whole array of human emotion captured on the subjects face.

“Sorry, can I take a picture of you? That is my leitmotiv. Walking down the street I am kidnapped by people. And at that time I have to stop them. Suddenly, we are just two of us. The world around us is disappearing. The weather stops and, in a moment that seems very long, something unique happens: that newly met person, the unknown, gives you a part of himself, in an unexpected act of intimacy. I love people. I don’t want to know anything about them. I love to distort their everyday lives for a moment. Photography is a performance. And the shot is the result. Everything happens in three minutes: one minute to convince them, one minute to shoot and one minute to hug them and say goodbye.”

Born in 1977, Pimpinella studied film at the Accademia dell’Immagine in L’Aquila and works steadily in film and TV. He is an eccentric experimenter in images in motion. Retrolit glass, stop motion, time lapses, scratches and paint on film are some ot the techniques in the vast, yet young filmography of Pimpinella.

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