Daniel Kordan Is a Master of Photographing the Cosmos

Russian photographer and world traveler Daniel Kordan has created an absolutely gorgeous photo series that captures stunning swirling star trails of his own making that appear to engulf the nighttime desert sky over Namibia.

The images feature vortexes of multi-colored stars streaked across the sky like post-impressionist paintings. The Milky Way’s warm and cool tones intermix to create a kaleidoscopic vision of the sky above, and illuminate the barren desert landscape below.

Recalling his time spent under the stars, Kordan reveals, “Namibia nights are so peaceful and silent. I was happy to enjoy bright stars of milky way while my camera exposed thousands of photos.”

If you would like to capture your own star photos, Kordan suggests using an app like PhotoPills that allows you to predict the position of various constellations. Kordan suggests creating a time lapse with a wide angle lens, and utilizing an app like PhotoPills which allows you to easily predict the position of the stars.

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