The Wonderful, Fake Game Art of Japan’s Annual Famicase Exhibition

The annual “My Famicase Exhibition,” an art exhibit of fan-made Famicom cartridge designs by Tokyo game store METEOR has 250 entries this year. Famicase is a crowd-sourced art exhibit, in which artists and designers from all across the globe dream-up imaginative Famicom game titles to put onto a proper cartridge.

There is a unique kind of nostalgia for the Family Computer, colloquially known as the Famicom. The video game system was introduced by Nintendo in 1986 but never outside of Japan, and it was home to quite a few cult games.

The My Famicase Exhibition boasts a wide range of artists from all over the world, and all their brilliant, varied concepts for game titles. Many are amusing, some are dark, some are simply delightful. The artists have dreamt up the impossible-to-realize games, as if the Famicom was still the most popular console available today.

Artists and designers considering getting their work included in the exhibit need to send the event coordinators their submissions by March 31st of the year. The artwork has to be completely original and cannot use any existing copyrighted characters or assets. Works can be submitted by individuals or a team of artists, but only one submission is allowed per entrant.

All 250 entries from this year’s My Famicase Exhibition are now available for you to click through and enjoy!

Beyond The Sky
Andrew Elmore/Graphic Designer
Beyond The Sky is a space opera role playing game for two players about escaping a dystopian world to find thrilling new adventures among the stars.
Raising Satan
Duncan Corrigan/Game Designer
Satan is just a baby… FOR NOW. You must feed and clean him to make sure he grows up big and tough. The balance of the world lies in your hand! Maybe we can all learn to love him some day.
Super Volcano Outrun™
Eric R. Mortensen/Graphic Designer
Can you outrun a super volcano eruption? Dodge flaming rocks, raging lava flows, and pyroclastic density clouds to survive hell on earth! A fast-paced, quick-thinking game for 1 or 2 players.
Joshua Lanphear/Graphic Designer
Will the world truly be ours? The night is our sanctuary, as we fight injustice and demand righteousness. Join the new Bōsōzoku in the fight against the past as the world shakes and rattles under the sound of our steeds. The price will be blood!
Rutherford Craze/Graphic Designer
A game about orbits and the laws of physics. Take on the role of a spacecraft commander, exploring the inner planets of the Solar System. Time your manoeuvres, optimise your fuel usage, and conquer the planets in this slow-paced puzzle for 1 player.
Les Habitants Du Soleil
Devine Lu Linvega/Programmer
Our telescope has revealed a minuscule blue satellite orbiting our world.

via [Kotaku]