MB&F HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green Watch

Renowned for its avant-garde way of watchmaking, MB&F has returned with a special new TI Green Aquapod. MB&F first launched the Aquapod back in January 2017, however it is still the latest Horological Machine, and a quintessential design from the brand.

The aquatic-inspired wrist watch began with an obscure style and design viewpoint: Build a watch that was powered by the “tentacles of a jellyfish.” The unidirectional bezel construction from the original Aquapod was one of its highlight features. It is not connected to the watch itself at all; instead, it floats freely above the dial resembling a jellyfish.

Due to its twin crowns, the HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green just has a water resistance of 50m. That is adequate for a casual swim in the pool, but not much more. While you cannot take the HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green for a deep dive, there is nonetheless a great deal to like in regards to this watch, especially this latest version, which has a titanium case and green bezel.

Including the striking green bezel, which seems to float around the grade 5 titanium case, the HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green measures a whopping 53.8mm wide. And because of the special movement, the watch is thick too, sitting on the wrist at 21.3mm high. The HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green comes with a high-quality rubber strap and a titanium buckle.

This is not your traditional timepiece as in the place of the hour and minute hands, two rotating titanium discs tell the time, followed by a left and right crown, one for winding and one for setting the time.

The HM7 Aquapod Titanium Green is priced at 108,000 CHF and is limited to 50 pieces.