China to Open World’s Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park

A new amusement park opened in China where all the experiences utilize virtual reality technology. You won’t find traditional roller coasters at the Oriental Science Fiction Valley theme park, which counts 35 virtual reality rides ranging from spaceship tours to virtual roller coasters and shooter games.

The Oriental Science Fiction Valley theme park is a massive virtual reality theme park coming to China. The creators hope the economy will greatly benefit from this new attraction. Spanning nearly 135 hectares, the park features virtual reality attractions and also highlights a towering mecha at 53m tall that weighs 700 tons.

“There’s fierce competition in the theme park market right now,” park CEO Chen Jianli said in a YouTube interview. “We are trying to give customers a new experience by combining modern technologies such as VR and [augmented reality] with traditional recreational facilities. The sci-fi part of it is important for the feeling it creates.”